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Half-pound Char Burgers
All of our burgers are served on nice big rolls with lettuce, red onion, and sliced tomato!

Add Fries, BBQ Beans, Coleslaw, or Potato Salad to your burger order for $2.69.

LUDY Burger 7.49
All-American burger with Ludy-Q sauce!

Mary's Veggie Burger 8.49
Our healthiest "burger!" Served with Ranch Dressing and fresh alfalfa sprouts.

Miguel Burger 8.49
The LUDY Burger dressed with Jack Cheese, guacamole and ssssalsa!

Barbara Burger 8.49
Slapped with slices of Canadian Bacon, melted Jack Cheese and BBQ sauce!

Val Burger: MOST POPULAR! 8.99
Lots of Cheddar Cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce. Topped with onion rings!

DeDe Burger: TRY ME! 8.49
Open-faced burger topped with our Award- Winning Chili, Cheddar Cheese and onions.

Extra cheese .99
Extra bacon .99


These hearty sanwiches served on a French roll with all the fixin's are great for lunch or dinner!

Add Fries, BBQ Beans, or Potato Salad to your sandwich order for $2.69.

BBQ Brisket 9.49
Sliced and smothered with BBQ sauce!

Italian Hot Head: WE DARE YA! 8.49
Spicy sausage with Jack Cheese and BBQ sauce.

Danny's Smoked Tri-Tip 9.99
Sliced and splattered with BBQ sauce

BBQ Chicken Breast 8.99
Boneless, skinless and perfectly broiled. Topped with BBQ sauce.

BBQ Prime Rib 10.99
Thinly sliced prime rib simmered in BBQ sauce and topped with caramelized onions and served on a toasted brioche bun.

Salads - Farm Fresh Produce

Large Garden Salad 6.99
Big enough for a meal. Served with bread.

BBQ Chicken Salad 11.99
LUDY-Q marinated chicken on fresh greens with all the right trimmin's! Served with bread and our house dressing.

Tri-Tip Salad 11.99
Tender slices of smoked Tri-Tip, cheddar cheese, tortilla strips and salsa, served with ranch dressing.

Southwest Chicken Salad 11.99
Cajun chicken, BBQ beans, sour cream, cheddar cheese, Fresh pico de gallo.

Crispy Chicken Salad 11.99
Sliced breaded chicken strips, tortilla strips and cheddar cheese.

Platters from the smokehouse!

For lunch or dinner—platters include Hand-Cut Fries, your choice of Coleslaw, BBQ beans, or potato salad and Cornbread


Beef $21.99, 3 ribs $29.99, 5 ribs
Pork $19.99, 6 ribs $29.99, 12 ribs
Baby Back $19.99, 6 ribs $29.99, 12 ribs
For a-la-carte take $2 off the full platter price
Half Smoked BBQ Chicken $14.99
Hot Link Sausage (5 halves) $14.99
Cathy's Tri-Tip (10 Oz.) $20.99

Combination Platters

2 Beef Ribs & 1/4 Chicken $18.99
3 Pork Ribs & 1/4 Chicken $17.99
3 Pork Ribs & 1 Beef Rib $19.99
Hot Links (3 halves) & 1/4 Chicken $15.99
Hot Links (3 halves) & 3 Pork Ribs $17.99
4 Baby Back Ribs & 1/4 Chicken $19.99

Freddy's Sampler
2 Pork rib, 1 beef rib, half Hot Link,
1/4 chicken and 2 ounces Tri-Tip.
All for only $24.99

Hickory Smoked Prime Rib $24.99
11 ounces, served Friday 'n Saturday nights.

Fish 'n Chips
8 ounces fresh cod dipped in home-made beer batter. Served with tartar sauce and Coleslaw! A "catch" at only $14.99

More Fixin's

Plates O' Stuff Side Full
Hand-Cut Fries 2.69 4.99
Onion Rings 4.99 6.99
Side O' Links 5.49
Chili Cheese Fries 7.99
Buffalo Wings 8.99

Western Chili
Award-winning chili made with meat, beans, Cheddar Cheese and onions! Cup $4.99, Bowl $6.99!

More This 'n That Side   
Cole Slaw 2.69 8.99
BBQ Beans 2.69 8.99
Potato Salad 2.69 8.99
Dinner Roll 2.69  
Hand-Cut Fries 2.69  
Homemade Cornbread 2.69  

Drinks - A bottomless glass!
Hot tea, coffee 2.49
Iced Tea 2.49
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi 2.49
Slice, Dr. Pepper, Rootbeer 2.49

Beer and wine
See board for prices! We have domestic, imported and microbrewed bottled beer, and draft beer by the glass, or pitcher. Wine is available by the glass or carafe!


Bread Pudding: $4.99

Seasonal Cobblers & Pies 6.49

Mudd Pie $5.99


For the Pig Mobile... please add $3.00, Sun-Thurs: 5-9pm and Fri-Sat: 5-9pm!

BBQ Sauce
Our famous sauce to go! 4.99 By the quart—will it be enough?

Ask how you can get $7.50 off your birthday meal from your friends at LUDY'S! Certain conditions apply.

Kids Menu

(12 and under)

All meals include Hand-Cut Fries and soft drink.

LUDY'S Kid Burger 7.99
We don't clown around with this!

Red Rover Hot Dog 7.99
Red rover, red rover, let the
frankfurter come over!

Kids Kluck 7.99
You ain't chicken, are ya?

Kid's Fish 'n Chips 7.99
Aye, maties. Fer ye lil' buccaneers!

Dino Ribs 7.99
Jurassic pork from a lost world!

There's pinball and video games in the PlayPen!

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